Where there is affordable, abundant energy, people are healthier, have access to better education and are given greater opportunities to elevate their families to higher standards of living.

At Apache, we’re proud to play a part in elevating lives around the globe by providing natural gas, natural gas liquids, and oil to meet the world’s energy needs.

The products we deliver power increasingly cleaner electricity across the globe, fuel tractors and trucks and make fertilizer to keep the world’s food supply on the table, and heat our schools, hospitals and businesses.

And there’s more — we supply the raw materials for countless products that touch and improve lives every day. It’s not just your cell phone and clothing — natural gas and oil provide key components in modern healthcare, such as lifesaving medical equipment, artificial limbs, heart valves, antibiotics and over-the-counter medications.


  • More than 1.3 billion people around the world lack access to electricity and 2.6 billion live without clean cooking facilities. American natural gas and oil could significantly increase the number of people who have access to the cleaner, affordable energy they need to live healthier and more productive lives.


  • The use of clean and abundant domestic natural gas has significantly helped reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions to near 25-year lows.


  • According to a recent study, updating America’s energy infrastructure could generate up to $1.15 trillion in new private capital investment, support 1.1 million new jobs and add $120 billion per year to our nation’s economy by 2025.


Global Sustainability

Delivering energy is at the core of our business. Natural gas is both abundant and cleaner than other major fuel sources. By reducing methane emissions and the overall environmental footprint of our operations, we are working to deliver cleaner energy that supports a lower-carbon future.

Community Giving

We give where we live and work — in the areas of the arts, education, the environment, health, military appreciation and neighborhood resources. As one example, Apache has donated more than 4.6 million trees in 17 states since 2005.


At Apache we minimize our use of fresh water, which we recognize is a precious and limited resource. As of December 2018, 95 percent of the water used for drilling and completions in our Alpine High play was recycled or nonpotable.

Top Workplace

In 2017 and 2018, we earned recognition as a top workplace in both the Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-News based on surveys of our employees.


The safety of our employees, contractors and communities is our highest priority and is deeply rooted in our Core Values. Our workforce Days Away, Restricted or Transferred rate has dropped 50% since 2013.

Top-Tier People

Our robust internship program helps us build and retain a pipeline of exceptional talent for our company. To date, we have graduated more than 150 individuals from our three-year development rotational program.




Global Workforce

$7.35 billion

2018 Oil and Gas Revenue


Our VISION is to be the premier exploration and production company, contributing to global progress by helping meet the world’s energy needs.


Our MISSION is to grow in an innovative, safe, environmentally responsible and profitable manner for the long-term benefit of our stakeholders.